Basile Trujillo

Web Architect

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About Me

I am a Web architect living in Montpellier, France. I have worked for a wide range of clients in a web agency called iQuest and for a software solutions publisher/integrator company named Dimo-Gestion.

Now I work as a Technical Manager for a startup named My Web Marketing and a web agency called Seritech holding by E-TIC.

I am able to realize a complete IT solution to my clients. I can guide them through the early stages of project planning and research, helping them with information architecture, user experience and design, and finally build the solution for them.

Main projects/customers I worked on

Full Stack Process

1. Specify

The first of each project is to specify it, functionally and technically.
Then it needs the right technical architecture:
Language, Frameworks, Tools, Server infrastructure, …

2. Quotes and Plan

When the functional and technical specifications are built and validated, quotes and planning are produced.
This step is usually done by a commercial, but I often do it myself. (Yes I work in a startup.)

3. Build

Building a project require to have a good coordination while working in team.
Managing developers, system administrators, front-end integrator (…) is the main part of my skills.
But I also contributes to the development, specially at the beginning to help building the technical bases.

4. Test

Once the project is built it need to be tested, technically and functionally.
Unit tests and continuous intégrations are one the best way to technically test a project.
TDD and Extreme programming are the most used processes.

5. Deliver

In the most cases, I am able to deliver the final product to customer.
If I cannot because of skill missing, I train myself to got the new skill or I manage technical experts (System administrators and developers).

Download CV [PDF]

Work Experience

6 years of professional experience.
2.5 years of freelance experience.

July 2016

Auto-entrepreneur [2.5 Years]

Full Stack Developer – From 2013/01 to Now

  • CRM
  • 3D Web software.
  • Websites Hosting and Applications Management.

E-TIC [2 Years]

Lead developer & Technical manager – From 2014/07 to now

Technical manager for Groupe E-TIC, Seritech And My Web Marketing.

Technical management of 5 developers, 2 front-end web integrators, 1 QA tester | Project management | Full stack development | Recruitment | Product strategy definition | Freelances management.
Internal Training, Animation skill improvement of technical teams.

June 2014

Dimo Software [2 years]

Lead Developer – From 2012/09 to 2014/06.

Full stack web development of the home-made Helpdesk and an after-sales service generic web application.

September 2012

iQuest [1.5 Years]

Full Stack Web Developper – From 2011/03 to 2012/09

Commercial and promotional websites development.
Main projects:

  • Internal CRM for Keepcool company
  • PMU’s Web App

Customers : M6 Mobile, Playstation, Keepcool, PMU…

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